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November 22, 2012
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+ LunA +  Vincent Legato by EllNicholas + LunA +  Vincent Legato by EllNicholas
Oh look a new revamping AGAIN
The colouring and art style on the last one was so shitty I mean how even :iconmingplz:
But I bet it won't be long until my colouring and art style will change again HA, where's the consistency man sobs

Edit : Told you I'll get sick of the old one  :iconmingplz:
as well as adding a few more info HAHA oh god
Btw those silly writings are actually Enochian kk

"Quod tu es, ego fui; quod ego sum, tu eris."
What you are, I was; what I am, you will be.

[ N A M E ]

Franz Adalard Stauffenberg Vincent Raffaello Legato

[ A G E ]

Appears 29 ( Real age : 666 )

[ G E N D E R ]


[ S P E C I E S ]


[ P E R S O N A L I T Y ]

Vincent... Could be the WORST Reaper that ever came into existence. A liar to the maximum. Would rather chew his tongue to death rather than telling the truth of certain things about himself. Rather arrogant and egoistic, and rarely showed any other emotion other than hatred. Masochistic. Had a bad habit of disguising himself as a crippled fool when he can clearly walk, just so that people would expect less of him. Has multiple identities built up over the years. Doesn't like showing his real emotions, despite the situation. Actually cares for the people around him, even more so his students, but don't expect him to show it. Built an unforgiving personality due to his past job as an assassin for a private organization, and quite hard to impress. Although if you're on his good graces, he might just soften a bit on you. Secretly respects his higher ups, despite his potty mouth. Had a rather harsh method on teaching and disciplining his students. Also he likes to evade his given tasks, and has a pessimistic overview of life.

Also, despite his threats, he's the kind of person who talked the talk, but never walked the walk... Unless he's really pissed. 

[ L I K E S ]

- Observing people
- Reading
- Hunting
- Practicing his magic
- Troll
- Self inflicted pain
- Manipulating minds
- Violin rock / techno

[ D I S L I K E S ]

- Vile people / Provokers
- Backstabbers
- Snakes
- Having his body exposed
- Loudness
- Heights
- Bright lights
- Life

[ H E I G H T ]

7' 3" / 222 cm

[ W E I G H T ]

118 kg

[ C L A S S ]

Obscrum ( dark )

[ B I O ]

:bulletblue: I am tired of getting told off by Vincent and so I decided to delve in his mind for a bit to discover what is going on in that head of his. But what I get is nothing. Emptiness. I don't know why my trick doesn't work on him, unless he had amnesia and can't remember anything of his past, or he's resistant to my tricks. So I decided to do it manually and did a little digging on him, with little help from Klastradia libraries. But get this - records of Vincent Legato never exist - all I have is records on Maryvessa Legato, and a stunningly similar looking person with Vincent, only his name is Franz Stauffenberg, one of the reaper nobles in Klastradia. Records on Franz attracted me, though. I will note a bit of the information here :

Franz Stauffenberg : A young reaper who can barely control his powers, but decided to enter the army for a Seraph Monarch and learned a lot of skills, and slowly becoming a higher rank in the army. He is known for his subtle attitude and his spirit, and even though he has no control of his powers, he is a good strategist. Fate is twisted however when he was killed in an effort to rescue a fellow comrade, and that was the end of Franz Stauffenberg...

Well I'll skip away from the obituary messages, I couldn't bother to write them. The resemblance of Vincent with Franz is striking, and I feel a bit of suspicion. Next is Maryvessa Legato. She is a mysterious one, and little records can be found of her. But get this - she is one of the upper echelons of reapers, and she has a very high level of magic. I found her diary in an old junk shop belonged to an old Fenrir lady and let me tell you I paid a HEFTY price for it, and it was actually worth it because it has some old spells in it. On the last few empty pages I found something like watermarks : it turned out to be her writings. They were so well camouflaged people would never see it. Good thing my eyes are rather... good. I will write a few things though that I can make out :

I found him sitting next to his body, clearly dazed and unaware of what happened to him. He is a well-built man, had a good looking face and very proper when I talked to him, though he is a bit cold personality - wise. I asked him what was his name, but he only uttered "Fr... Ff..." before he admitted that he forgot everything including who he is, even though he was wearing a military uniform, and instantly I knew he was a lost soul. I couldn't seem to destroy him even though lost souls are to be eliminated - even though he was one, he wasn't acting violent or even being a threat to people. So I decided to help him. I took him in and I taught him everything I knew, since he was a reaper, he learned well. Said to him I will help him reborn again. Even if it took hundreds of years. But before anything else, I gave him a name in order for him to recreate a new life. I asked him to pick a name, but he seems incapable to do so. I remembered a latin name Vincentius which means to conquer... And therefore I gave him the name Vincent. He will reconquer his own life and feelings.

( More of his past here )


Broken ribs and one broken leg, as well as a destroying curse... Good thing the damned spell is already out of me, but I'm still fuming. Fuck those exiled creatures and their views of a better Klastradia. Am not happy that Malik gets paired with Ikram this time, I mean that kid is still young, what was Malik and Faust thinking ? In any case, I'm too beat up to argue. Fuck this shit.
In any case, Faust had suggested me to take a break from all the missions for the Organization. I told him severely that I will get better soon, but he just won't listen. Said I've done a good job, and they will be calling me sooner or later. Said to give the younger reapers a chance. Well. He suggested that I took a job at a new academy as a teacher for the dark class, since I once did mentoring job for the youngsters. Well... It wasn't suggesting, more like a command. Sheesh. More kids then. Just my luck.

[ S K I L L S ] 

- Shadow manipulation ( his favourite is his sentient hound dogs )
- High precision level
- Weapon and battle abilities ( don't get fooled by the crippled look :heart: )
- Mind Heist ( visions and illusions are sent out and seem very real and convincing. Those who were advanced in this skill are said to be able to completely fool their victims in which one is reality or fantasy, and in certain cases causes suicide )
- Telepathy and Empathy A USELESS ABILITY
- Soul summoning
- Death Sight ( Although he's such a loser he didn't even know this ability existed. )

[ W E A K N E S S ]

:bulletblue: High pitched noises, or just loud sounds in general. It messes with his mind waves completely.
:bulletblue: Sleeping disorders
:bulletblue: Tends to sleep anytime and anywhere ( even in classes, but he'll try not to - his ego is that high. )
:bulletblue: Ophidiophobic, fear of snakes ( It was in a mission when their enemy is a Hydra, and they basically had to undergo poison torture. )
:bulletblue: Acrophobic, fear of heights ( He wasn't sure why though, having his memories gone and all that, but an incident happened in his past life that he nearly fell off a cliff, and he had minor Acrophobia ever since then. Sure he wouldn't mind heights, but he'll be taking a longer time to adapt himself to it. )
:bulletblue: Light magic
:bulletblue: Liar.
:bulletblue: A BASIC BITCH and a JERK. 

[ O T H E R ]

:bulletblue: The crippled look was just something that was once told by his friends when they were in an undercover mission - "You look better like that - people won't expect much and won't attack you, and then you can give em' the attacks." And it was stuck until now.
:bulletblue: Born October 9 ( and reborn on the same date thanks to Maryvessa )
:bulletblue: He was dead once. Assume he just undergone reincarnation
:bulletblue: He doesn't like people to stare at his markings, hence the whole get - up.
:bulletblue: Multilinguist ( or more precisely German, Russian, Hebrew, English, Malay and Italian )
:bulletblue: Fluent in Latin and Enochian - being the language of the angels and demons.
:bulletblue: He can actually be quite fatherly... But only if you're smart enough to trigger it // shot
:bulletblue: He plays the violin and dances along with it, but only behind your backs.
:bulletblue: He's actually quite good in dancing, as well as making creepy faces. Not even joking here.
:bulletblue: I have no idea where I got the name Stauffenberg from OTL
:bulletblue: Is ambidextrous. Dominant right. 
:bulletblue: He is secretly an idiot be warned.

Now it so friggen long I could die // shot
If you actually read all of this I love you // dies 

:star: :iconluna-academia: :star:

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