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November 22, 2012
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+ LunA +  Vincent Legato by EllNicholas + LunA +  Vincent Legato by EllNicholas
Oh look a new revamping AGAIN
The colouring and art style on the last one was so shitty I mean how even :iconmingplz:
But I bet it won't be long until my colouring and art style will change again HA, where's the consistency man sobs

Edit : Told you I'll get sick of the old one  :iconmingplz:
as well as adding a few more info HAHA oh god
Btw those silly writings are actually Enochian kk

"Quod tu es, ego fui; quod ego sum, tu eris."
What you are, I was; what I am, you will be.

[ NAME ]
Franz Adalard Stauffenberg Vincent Raffaello Legato

[ AGE ]
666 Physically 30



7' 3"

118 KG


Obscrum ( Dark )

- Shadow manipulation ( his favourite is his sentient hound dogs )
- High precision level
- Weapon and battle abilities 
Mind Heist ( visions and illusions are sent out and seem very real and convincing. Those who were advanced in this skill are said to be able to completely fool their victims in which one is reality or fantasy, and in certain cases causes suicide )
- Telepathy and Empathy A USELESS ABILITY
- Soul summoning
- Death Sight ( Although he's such a loser he didn't even know this ability existed. )


- High pitched noises, or just loud sounds in general. It messes with his mind waves completely.
- Sleeping disorders ( Tends to sleep anytime and anywhere, even in classes, but he'll try not to - his ego is that high. ) 
- Ophidiophobic, fear of snakes ( It was in a mission when their enemy is a Hydra, and they basically had to undergo poison torture. )
- Acrophobic, fear of heights ( He wasn't sure why though, having his memories gone and all that, but an incident happened in his past life that he nearly fell off a cliff, and he had minor Acrophobia ever since then. Sure he wouldn't mind heights, but he'll be taking a longer time to adapt himself to it. )
- Light magic ( not to be mistaken with Holy Magic as he himself possesses this in a decent amount as a Reaper. )

+ Observing people
+ Reading
+ Hunting
+ Practicing his magic 
+ Troll
+ Self inflicted pain
+ Manipulating minds
+ Violin rock / techno

- Vile people / Provokers
- Backstabbers
- Snakes
- Having his body exposed
- Loudness
- Heights
- Bright lights
Osvaldus. He believes that the wretched brat deserves the life he has.


 Rude | Deadpan snarky | Loyal | Liar | Indifferent | Sassy | Gentle | S&M | Egoistic | Introverted

Vincent... could be the WORST Reaper that ever came into existence. In fact, he was a liar to the maximum. Would rather chew his tongue to death rather than telling the truth of certain things about himself. Arrogant and egoistic, and rarely showed any other emotion other than hatred. Sadomasochistic. Has a rather pessimistic overview of life, and believes the world is a harsh place worth destroying. Despite all these negatives attributes, he displays an unconditional love and loyalty to the people that gained his friendship, and is overly protective over the people that were beaten badly by the universe, even if he got it across in rather unconventional ways. But do not get fooled by his sometimes loving exterior - with all these, he is morally questionable. While he certainly dislikes the headmaster and his ways, he is somewhat similar as well. He sometimes displays sincere kindness... But at the same time cruelty. He wouldn't hesitate to destroy the lives of people for his own petty revenge. He is extremely introverted, and keeps the friends that he already has close. He is also VERY hungry for power even if he already has a lot - though this was kept hidden for practical purposes. He will also not care if you act a certain way around him - everyone are basically idiots anyway.


“You cannot love everyone; it is ridiculous to think you can.” 

Vincent went through a few centuries of his life not knowing who he is, but now that he does, the need to sate his vengeance is strong, and his tolerance to idiots have now decreased.

Born as Franz Adalard Von Stauffenberg by a pair of mafia Reapers, Franz went through a relatively normal life - wanting to help people, and cheerful in fact. The day he was recruited into an army squad was the happiest day of his life, feeling that his existence finally served a purpose. He went into the ranks quickly due to his strong willpower and determination, and before long recruited as one of the leaders of a commando squad consisting of a kitsune, a raven, a seraph, a pixie and a leviathan. Together they formed an inseparable bond of friendship, as well as becoming the strongest team serving for their country's army. It was short lived, however - when a sudden assault happened at the outskirts of the lands. It occurred during Christmas Eve as it was assumed that they were unprepared for a sudden battle - apparently not as the seraph, one named Marie-Claire Gallagher; had predicted their arrival using her clairvoyance skills. But even if they were prepared, they lack men in their team, as well as unprepared for their opponent's 'secret weapon'. This 'secret weapon' wiped out most of their members despite their efforts, and the main 6 leaders were starting to come to their wits' end. Soon the leviathan, the pixie, the raven and the seraph was murdered, leaving Franz and the kitsune; Spade, to fend for themselves alone. During the final battle, another Kitsune named Ryuugii Kusanagi finally showed herself, and to make matter worse she wielded a forbidden magic of the angels, and made it harder for them to kill her. Spade would have been killed had it not been because of Franz, who sacrificed himself and took the blow from Ryuugii for Spade, murdered  brutally in the process by having his spine ripped out, and died on the spot. 

After that, he had no recollection of what had happened, except a sensation of his spine being jabbed back into place and waking up in the middle of a commemorative park and beside the statue of the five leaders - the same spot that he had died. As he woke up, he had no memories on who aroused him back to life or what had happened, but he DO remember that he was given the name Vincent Raffaelo Legato from a weird lady - that was obviously more powerful than him. He lived through that amnesic period with the given identity, creating new memories and making himself a new personality as opposed to Franz - while Franz was sweet and gentle, Vincent was rude and harsh. Life seems pretty well and easy despite the amount of idiosyncrasies and dumb people he had to endure until unexpected circumstances caused him to go through an excruciating pain, triggering his past memories as well as inducing his anger even more. Then he remembered his murderer, causing him to get overpowered with extreme anger and vengeance.

Ryuugii Kusanagi must DIE.

This only drives his bloodlust even more, and this was made worse when spending time together with the headmaster - one that recruited him into his academy when he was still in his amnesic state and in need of a job, constantly taunting him by giving him an insight of his memories... As well as his wife. But now that he HAD regained his memories, he just couldn't care less... Not to mention saves more trouble for himself from the headmaster as he had ruined his own wife's life without his help. But THAT, is a story for a later time. What's important is that Vincent now has full access to ALL his memories, and now tolerates less bullshit. 

Bullet; Blue Born as a Reaper. He is not the conventional 'dead human risen as a reaper' deal.
Bullet; Blue Born October 9 ( and reborn on the same date thanks to Maryvessa )
Bullet; Blue He was dead once. Assume he just undergone reincarnation
Bullet; Blue He doesn't like people to stare at his markings, hence the whole get - up.
Bullet; Blue Multilinguist to an extreme. Fluent in Enochian, Latin, German, Russian, Hebrew, English, Malay and Italian.
Bullet; Blue VERY fluent in Latin and Enochian - being the language of the angels and demons.
Bullet; Blue He can actually be quite fatherly... But only if you're smart enough to trigger it.
Bullet; Blue He plays the violin and dances along with it, but only behind your backs.
Bullet; Blue He's actually quite good in dancing, as well as making creepy faces. Not even joking here.
Bullet; Blue Has an 'adopted child', Sorin Faust 
Bullet; Blue Is ambidextrous. Dominant right. 
Bullet; Blue He is secretly an idiot be warned.
Bullet; Blue Don't even try making sense of the updated bio. The older one is much simpler.

Now it so friggen long I could die // shot
If you actually read all of this I love you // dies 

:star: :iconluna-academia: :star:

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